Student apprentices and student trainees

Getting to know different fields of work / getting practical experience

Young persons have to concern themselves with a lot of questions about the path into working life.

  • Which apprenticeship profession should I aim for?
  • How should I best supplement the theoretical knowledge I have acquired at university with the necessary work experience?
  • How can my degree thesis possess real relevance and the necessary practical application?

The Mahnke Group offers answers and solution proposals.

One possibility are work placements, for example in order to get to know the spectrum of tasks involved in a particular field of work in a real business environment. Here we differentiate between:

Pupil work placement on the apprenticeship profession
We would like to help pupils in their selection of an apprenticeship profession. Accordingly we offer the opportunity to “try out” our apprenticeship professions for between one and three weeks.

Course-related work placement
We offer students opportunities to get to know the spectrum of tasks involved in a particular field of work. Here you can check in practice and deepen your understanding of what you have only learnt theoretically up to the time.

Degree-thesis-related work placement

You are at the end of your studies and would like to conclude these with a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree thesis which is not only competent but also practice-related?

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